• Graham Fowler

The True Cost of Infrasructure

Today, the real cost of infrastructure (street lights, HVAC, pumps, motors, etc.) is not their capital and installation cost but rather their ongoing energy consumption. Older equipment consumes 30 to 80% more than modern replacement technology. Moreover, optional fixed term finance payments1 are generally considerably less than the value of ongoing energy savings generated by the new infrastructure. M&V2 exception email reports alert public works of system or component anomalies before they become catastrophic, thus reducing repair times, replacement parts and emergency overtime repairs.

On the surface replacing infrastructure to save energy sounds straightforward. However, one-on-one device replacement by qualified technicians is not an ideal solution because you can’t effectively manage what you don’t measure and monitor. In many cases today's technologies and products change what, where & how we update infrastructure rather than replace components. Because technological solutions advance so quickly, it is often folly to base upcoming replacement project plans on older engineering studies.

Energy Conservation companies (ESCOs) such as Green Management offer tremendous value because we take an integrated view of the whole infrastructure. We commission diagnostics and analytics (post M&V) to accurately benchmark current infrastructure costs and predict future savings. The resultant proposal details the project(s) in a logical easy to understand format. Ongoing post project M&V ensures that predicted savings and operational efficiencies are met.

Large ESCOs are seldom interested in small communities. Working with small certified energy companies and green financing2 can more effectively and affordably deliver reliable energy conservation solutions and practices. Our agility and size make it financially feasible to contract local licenced suppliers, equipment & technologies. This generates superior outcomes and greater resident satisfaction.

1 Energy conservation project financing. Additional “Green-Bonds” can be promoted and offered to your citizens enhancing their participation and involvement with the greening of their community. One or more government grants may be applicable against project costs &/or absolute energy load reductions.

2 Monitoring & Verification (M&V) on a permanent basis ensures continued optimal infrastructure performance.

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