Green Management Group is expert in helping you reduce costs while improving the productivity of your operation and buildings. We handle many projects in-house but effectively work with other ESCOs in their highly technical and specialized fields.

We can help you find innovative financing including off-balance-sheet vehicles such as EPC (Energy Performance Contracts) that will pay off the fixed term contract using the money saved from the ongoing reduced energy costs.


LED Lighting Retrofit

GMG is expert at putting light where and when you need it by optimizing light levels with minimal capital investment and maximum energy savings. Our turnkey LED lighting retrofit service is designed to increase business performance and profit. Five year capital leasing and government infrastructure programs may be available.


Control Systems


Automating and integrating the behavior of a building's  lighting, HVAC, Security, electrical outlets etc. is all part of a building management system or building automation system (BAS). The objectives of building automation are improved worker productivity & comfort, efficient operation of building systems, reduction in energy consumption, operating costs, and improved life cycle of key components. GMG works closely with key associate companies to help implement BAS.

Monitoring and Verification


We offer a “Before & After” monitoring & verification “M&V” service to demonstrate your current energy consumption and post-project verification to confirm the savings stated in the project proposal.



Building Energy Audit


Comprehensive audits are seldom requested by most clients, instead they prefer partial audits that typically might include, lighting, HVAC, compressed air, waste heat or water, etc. GMG routinely completes lighting audits and works closely with qualified and experienced AEE certified auditors and professional engineers to complete energy audits that specifically address concerns and opportunities for savings and improvement for those sectors.

Solar PV


Most industrial and commercial buildings have flat roofs that can support a limited amount of renewable solar power. GMG team will perform preliminary assessment of the site to determine the suitability and capacity of the roof for PV system installation. System will be designed and built per local distribution company (LDC) requirements, electrical safety authority (ESA) regulations, Ontario Electrical Safety Code (OESC), and Canadian Building Codes including all other relevant codes.


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