If you’re looking to accomplish a lighting retrofit for your organization, I highly recommend Green Management.

As VP Operations’ I’m responsible for the day-to-day activities that enhance the bottom line throughout our Canadian, Mexican and the US operations. As a leader in the distribution of wireless telecommunications and broadband products we continuously look for ways to reduce fixed overhead costs and improve productivity.

Embracing new technologies is part of our DNA, so switching to LED lighting as it became a mature technology was self-evident. In 2016 we chose Green Management to retrofit the plant and warehouse lighting because their proposal offered the comprehensive technical and financial data I expect, with a coordinated and seamless installation plan. They checked all the right boxes! Green Management managed all the required rebate documentation and delivered the completed project exactly as promised. We saved ongoing electricity costs, benefitted from a brighter work environment and reduced our carbon footprint, all with an ROI of less than 1 year.


In 2017 we contracted Green Management to retrofit the lighting of our assembly labs and offices. We were concerned that the projected office cost savings were too small to be significant. GMG guaranteed a 50% energy reduction and to prove it, they installed temporary cloud-based energy monitoring equipment, verifying their promise with an eventual 52% savings of electrical energy.

John Murdoch

Vice President Operations & Supply Chain Solutions, Alliance Corporation

I recommend Green Management; they do a great job of designing and installing new LED lighting on time and on budget.

We pride ourselves on being a technologically advanced and creative family company. We never paid much attention to our outdated lighting until green Management knocked at our door and explained to us how they could install new lighting that would improve our work environment and reduce our operating costs.


I’m VP operations and responsible for the day to day production, manufacturing and ensuring that all orders are perfect in every detail when they leave our factory. Better lighting improved productivity, reduced mistakes and added to the safety and wellbeing of our staff.


Initially we were sceptical, but after some research we decided to move forward with Green Management’s proposal. The new lighting was installed during our 2 week summer shutdown. The new lighting improved staff disposition and productivity and operates at a fraction of the cost rapidly paying for itself.

Paul Barzotti

Vice President Operations, Barzotti Woodworking Ltd

Our new LED lighting installation, design and switch modifications all went as planned and the results are better than I hoped for. I’m happy with the savings and rapid ROI, my staff is happy with the improved work environment.

Engineers are all too aware that new technologies often have unforeseen problems and consequences. As such I waited for the LED lighting to progress through several generations before I was confident that all stated benefits were real. During that time LED efficiencies and reliability improved while prices dropped. During that time Green Management kept in touch and I appreciated their subtle, soft handed sales approach… Stay in touch, but respect the fact that busy executives have a great many important issues that come first.

I recently decided that it was time to look at replacing our lighting and Green Management met with me to discuss the advantages of LED lighting and to complete a lighting audit. While they prepared their lighting proposal I did my research to assure myself that this technology would satisfy to our needs.

Their detailed proposal answered all my questions. I wanted to know if I could make changes to the switching and circuitry. Rather than give me vague, but positive answers, they returned with their designated electrical contractor and together we reviewed the existing infrastructure and quickly planned the upgrades I required so as to minimize cost and disruptions.

Green Management is very competent, thorough and a delight to work with.

Dave Lane

President, Computer Integrated Manufacturing

As Executive Leader, Clinical and Environmental Support, I have several responsibilities, including reducing waste, cutting costs and allocating resources efficiently and effectively to ensure that our day-to-day operations run smoothly and we are prepared and equipped to support the community in times of emergency.


By retrofitting our existing lighting to newer LED technology we have accomplished several things:

  • Reduced fixed overhead and operating costs

  • Reduced use of electricity

  • Significantly reduced maintenance

  • Helped to green our operations


All Ontario Hospitals must annually report their GHG emissions and their progress on carbon footprint reduction. Retrofitting our lighting is perhaps the easiest of many carbon reduction projects, offering quick installation, minimal disruption and rapid ROI.


Green Management Group offers exceptional value by offering a comprehensive and easily understood lighting audit with clear technical and financial benefits. Green Management took care of all the technical details and seamlessly liaised with our local hydro provider to secure our post project rebate. The installation proved seamless while the ongoing post-project support and communications has been invaluable.

Paul Howarth

Executive Leader, Clinical and Environmental Support, Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital

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